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For color  detection we are serious!

Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd is the leader of the Chinese color detection industry and we have mainly engaged in the research and development, producing and marketing of color detection equipments which includes portable colorimeter, handheld color spectrophotometer, bench top spectrophotometer, powder color spectrophotometer and transmission spectrophotometer. As of now our products have been widely used at home and abroad in all the fields of printing, paint, auto parts, metals, household appliances and scientific research institution.


Located in the China Jiliang University, the company possesses the representative with senior professional title and doctor, the R & D team with above 80% Master Degree and all staffs with 100% Bachelor Degree. The core team of  the company all came from Zhejiang University, China Jiliang University and National Institute of Metrology.
The development of Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology Co., Ltd has been paid attention by the national experts in the industry. The Optics Academic Dean and academician Zhuang Songlin, Academician Chen Xingdan and other experts visit and guide us many times. We have the close cooperation with many authoritative scientific institutions such as state key laboratory of crucial discipline about color science and project, state key laboratory of modern optical instruments, National Projects Center of Test and Measurement Technology in Ministry of Education and the UK’s National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and University of Leeds(Color Sub Commission of International Commission of Illumination).Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology made a rapid progress and got a remarkable achievement.


Till to January 2016,Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology has possessed the following intellectual property with 9 invention patents, 8 patents of utility model,4 design patents and 3 software copyright patents. In addition there are more than 10 invention patents in the announcement state. We have published more than 20 papers within which more than 10 articles included in SCI and EI and some papers published in the national first grade periodical of Science & Research.


In 2013 we have received the support of “Hangzhou City Blue Plan "
In 2014 we also received  the "Hangzhou Eagles plan" support;
             we got been identified by the "high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou" 
             we got  the identification of science and technology small and medium enterprises  in Zhejiang province
In 2015 we got identification of the national high-tech enterprises;
             our "spectrophotometer" been awarded as the outstanding products by  Chinese Instrument Association.