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  • Facial mask is one kind of beauty products. Its main and important function is for making up the insufficient of cleansing and washing. On this basic, it contains licorice to achieve maintaining function.
    Nowadays ladies pay much attention on the facial maintaining, the masks sells hot, we could see their advertisement everywhere. In addition to the product quality, colorful packing bags are also attractive to customers. How to solve the packing bags color difference problem? It is very difficult to tell by visual. So more and more companies choose spectrophotometers for color measurement.

    Now we will show how to use our spectrophotometer CS-580 to measure.
    CS-580 spectrophotometer is the portable type without any moving component; it avoids the hand shaking during the operation which makes testing more precision. USB data transfer, PC software to PC operation, large storage space: it could save 100 standard samples and 200 testing record under each standard sample. It could test SCI and SCE at the same time and the SCI/SCE could display on the LCD screen.

    The following we will show how to test it:
    The first Step: Prepare the standard and test samples. (as show in figure)

    The second step: Turn on spectrophotometer and then calibrate it. (as show in figure)

    The third step: After calibration, press “cancel” to exit. And then put the standard sample under the instrument and then press “print” to view the testing area. Press “test”, after hearing the sound of beep, we will see the testing result.
    The fourth step: After measurement, press “Menu” and enter into the “sample test” interface. Put the testing sample under the instrument testing port, and then press “test” for measurement, after hearing the sound of beep, we will see the testing result.

    The fifth step: After measurement, press “enter” and choose spectral reflectance, and then we could see the color spectral reflectance, the color worker could adjust the color according to the color spectral reflectance of standard and testing samples.

    Normally, our eyes could see the spectral reflectance between 400-700nm, infrared light:615-650nm, Orange:600-610, Yellow:580-595nm; Olivine:565-575nm; Green:495-530nm; Blue light: 450-480nm; Violet:370-410nm; White Light:450-465nm (However, the ligjt color is not specific, it is just a range. After all, there is no single color in the world.) We could adjust the color formula according to the spectral reflectance.
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