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  • 玩欧洲轮盘赌的技巧

  • Paint coating (as show in figure) is the coating painted on the protected or decorated product surface and it could attaches securely to objects. It is mainly composed by resin or oil or emulsion mixing with pigment, filler and then mix with organic solvent or water. The paint coating is easily to get color difference because of the raw material. So more and more factories consider using high precision instruments for coating quality control.

    After the chemical company from Dongguan knows that CS-580 (as show in figure) made by CHNSpec could solve the paint coating color difference testing and quality testing problem, they invite us to go to their factory. This company has individual management team, excellent engineer team, professional color technical person and perfect after sale service. They pay much attention on the technological innovation and strengthening management. They put high technical products researching and production in the first place. In order to improve the product quality and do better in quality control, they intent to use CS-580 for product color difference test. 

    For the convenience of measurement, the factory paints the coating on the products.
    Now we will show how to measure it.
    The First Step: Prepare the standard and testing samples. (as show in figure)

    The second Step : Turn on the instrument, set the parameter and formula and then calibrate it.
    The Third Step: After calibration, press “print” to view the testing area by camera. Put the standard sample under the instrument and be careful of light leak to affect the testing result. Then press “test”, after hearing the sound “beep”, we will see the test result.
    The Fourth Step: After the standard sample is saved, press “menu”, we will enter into the “sample testing” interface. Test it with same procedure as standard sample testing. Press “test”, after hearing the sound “beep”, we will see the test result. (as show in figure)

    After test, we could see the sample’s Lab data and the color difference between the two samples. The customer is satisfied with the testing result and set order. We believe after using our instrument CS-580, their products quality control will be better and create a better economic benefit.
    Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology is mainly focus on optics, color test and other photoelectric technique field. We keep on developing and researching to ensure the stability of our colorimeter. Our products are widely used in print industry, painting industry, automobile accessories industry, household appliances production industry and other researching organizations. At the same time, we launch new products to enlarge the utility of our products. If any interest or questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us: +86 571 86872381 or visit our website : /en/
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