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  • 1. QB/T1503-2011 Standard
    After testing, we will get the sample tristimulus values to calculate the hab . And then calculate the whiteness and saturation according to the hue formulation. At last we could get the color difference data according to the color difference formulation.
    Requirement for the Instrument: Adopt CIE1964 complementary standard colormetric system, standard illumination D65, standard geometric condition d/0 (diffuse reflection / perpendicular), Whiteness measurement error value is below 1.0 degree. Colorimeter and spectrophotometer made by CHNSpec Technology could meet all the above requirements.
    1.1 All Parameter Calculate Formulation
       Hue Angle Calculate Formulation as follows:
       When hab is equal or greater than 135°and less than 315°, it is bluish white, and the whiteness calculate formulation is
       When hab is less than 135° and greater than 315°, it is bluish white, and the whiteness calculate formulation is
       Saturation Formulation:
       Color Difference Formulation: 

    1.2 Evaluation
           a is greater than 0, b is greater than 0,hab is between 0-90, it will be red hues to yellow hues.
           a is less than 0, b is less than 0,hab is between 180-270, it will be green hues to blue hues.
           a is greater than 0,b is smaller than 0,hab is between 270-360, it will be blue hues to red hues.
           Cab is less than 4.0, it is achromatic color
           Cab is greater 4.0, it is chromatic color
    2. Measurement
    2.1 Preparation before test
    Screen the powder sample with mesh size 0.104 and then dry it with temperature 105℃-110℃for one hour. Press it into pellet in the pressing machine. Its surface should be flat without cracking and flaw.
    2.2 Measurement Procedure
    Test the sample with our colorimeter CS-200
    Firstly, we need to turn on the instrument and then calibrate it.
    And then put the sample under the testing port of CS-200. It should be connect with the instrument closely in case of light getting in.
    Get the Data: L, a, b, x,y, Cab, Hab
    Choose whiteness formulation according to the hue angle.
    Measure the standard sample and testing sample, we will get the color difference data.
    3. Household Ceramics Classification System
    Item Classification
    Super Quality First Class Qualified
    Whiteness ≥70 ≥60 ≥55
    Gloss ≥85 ≥80
    Color Difference ≤1 ≤2 ≤3
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