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  • Plastic uses a monomer as raw material and it could be made into macromolecules by adding into polymer resins or polycondensation objects, which is called plastic or resin. Its composition and shape could be changed freely and its mainly composed by synthetic resin, padding, plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant, pigment and other additives. In the production of plastic product, it is earlier to have the color difference and it is not visible by eyes, so we will need the high accuracy colorimeter to measure it. The high precision colorimeter CS-10 made by Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology could tell the color difference much easier and faster.

    One plastic company from Shenzhen whose head office is in Hongkong is specialized on manufacturing cutlery for food appliances and all products are for exported. Total company size is over 8000 square meters , with excellent production equipment , with professional experts and over 10 years production experience. All the advantages make the company enjoy high reputation in the industry. In order to control the plastic products quality, the company introduced our high precision colorimeter CS-10.

    High precision colorimeter CS-10 has the character of simple operation, lowest price and with eye-catching interface display. Its testing accuracy could reach 0.01 and repeat accuracy △E standard Deviation with in 0.1 which is within the CIE(international commission on illumination) and national standard. It is with PC data management software to connect it with PC. It is suitable for the enterprise to evaluate and control the data. Its electronic components adopt international top device with super stability. It is durable and with longest warranty time 3 years and lifetime maintenance. It is widely used for printing, painting, auto spare parts, metal products, home appliances, gold-labeled strip, foods safety, medical and other industry. It could meet the requirement for plastic products.
    In order to show the advantage of the CS-10 directly, we will show how to use our device to test the color difference for the plastic products.

    The following are the procedures:
    The First Step: Prepare the device and the testing sample.

    The Second Step: Calibrate the device and set up the measurement standard. 
    The Third Step: After calibration, press “enter” or “cancel” to exit the calibration interface and enter into the testing interface. 
    The Fourth Step: Put the device on the testing sample 1, press the button “test” and after finish the testing, we could see the test result.

    The Fifth Step: After the test, save it and choose “call-in the sample”. And then press the button “enter” to get into the interface of “sample testing”. At last press the button “test” to measure the sample 2, we will get the color difference between the two samples.

    When we finish the test, the color difference data between the two samples could be seen on the device. Our customer is satisfied with the testing result. We believe after using our device, the customer’s product quality will be greatly improved and productivity effect will be enhanced, too.

    Hangzhou CHNSpec Technology is mainly focus on optics, color test and other photoelectric technique field. We keep on developing and researching to ensure the stability of our colorimeter. Our products are widely used in print industry, painting industry, automobile accessories industry, household appliances production industry and other researching organizations. At the same time, we launch new products to enlarge the utility of our products. If any interest or questions about our product, please do not hesitate to contact us: +86 571 86872381 or visit our website : /en/
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