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  • Pigment is a very important chemical raw material. It is widely used for painting industry, ink industry, plastic industry and other industries. It could be roughly separated into organic pigment or inorganic pigment. Iron oxide is called excellent dying organic pigment. China is iron oxide production country with large production capacity and various kinds. We plays an important roles in the international market. Because of the large production quantity, the quality control for the Iron Oxide becomes a very essential problem.

    In the Iron Oxide production industry, most factories choose imported colorimeter from USA. The device prices are high and troublesome for the warranty.  Now we have good news. After being tested, the testing result of our device is no much difference with the imported device. We have the advantage of lower price and easier maintenance. (This time we will use tabletop spectrophotometer for the testing.)

    Test Method One
    Mix the Iron Oxide powder with printing ink to make it into slurry. And then paint it on the white paper(we will call this paper- sample paper). In order to keep the clean of the device, we need find the other paper and cut a hole with diameter 11mm (same to the testing port of CS-800). And then cover it on the sample paper ( the testing material should be naked) and then put it on the testing port. And then compare its color difference with the sample provided by customer. 

    Test Method Two
    Mix the Iron Oxide powder with printing ink to make it into slurry. And then put the samples into cuvette. Thirdly, test the color of the iron oxide in the cuvette. At last, check the color differences with the sample provided by customer.

    The following are the test data comparison.
      L a b △E
    Import Device 72.22 14.21 43.55 0.89
    CS-800 72.10 14.03 42.52 0.81

    From the above data, we could get that there is no much difference from our testing data to the import device testing data. And our device price will be much lower. So the importance is not if it is imported. The most important is if it could meet your requirement. If you are in the same business, please do not hesitate to contact us for professional advice.

    The testing port of CS-800 is in the upside. It will be more convenient to use cuvette for color testing. The testing port of CS-801 is in flank, so method one will be suitable for it.
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