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  • 龙虎斗赌博玩法

  • 1. What is plastic cement?
    Plastic cement is mainly composed by carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other organic or inorganic elements. Its finished product is solid. It could be melted into liquid by heating, flowed by compression, become solid by cooling. Its shape could be changed according to different usages. These kinds of materials are called plastic cement.

    2. What is the usage of plastic cement?
    Plastic cement is widely used in household appliances industry, automobile industry, mobile phone making industry, PC making industry, medical equipment, lighting appliances industry. It is very essential parts for production.

    3. What is the usage of our spectrophotometer?
    Color control becomes more and more important in the cement plastic production industry. Because now buyers pay more attention on the color difference between every batch, now we will need the help of spectrophotometer. We adopt high technology from Japan and USA. Our device has the character of high accuracy, easy operation, every test calibration, widely usage, etc. Any interest in our instrument, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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